Published 28 May 2020

Qure Helps Clinicians Answer Questions from COVID-19 Lung Scans



In response to the urgent needs of clinicians battling COVID-19, has quickly repurposed its AI tools to interpret lung scans. The company's chest X-ray tool, qXR, uses data from 2.5 million scans to detect lung markers for disease, with recent updates enabling it to provide a COVID-19 risk score.
Chiranjiv Singh,’s chief commercial officer, stated that these AI tools are crucial in assisting critical decisions about patient care, especially where there are testing shortages. The COVID-19 version of the tool is already in use at about 50 global locations, including hospitals in the U.K., India, Italy, and Mexico, and by healthcare workers in Pakistan tracking community cases.
An NVIDIA Inception program member, employs NVIDIA TITAN GPUs on-premises and V100 Tensor Core GPUs through Amazon Web Services for training and inference of its AI models. is seeking FDA clearance for qXR, which already holds the CE mark in Europe.
Its qXR tool provides clinicians with a COVID-19 risk score in under a minute, while quantifying lung lesions. Its efficient, integrated workflow with existing healthcare systems has enabled it to rapidly adapt to the escalating COVID-19 crisis.

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