Published 18 Jun 2024 and Strategic Radiology announce collaboration to assist radiology workflow with innovative AI algorithms 



New York, June 18 2024: The advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare to support diagnostic decision making, stave off burnout and enhance quality patient care has taken a giant stride forward. Strategic Radiology, a coalition of independently owned and operated local private radiology practices, and, a global leader in healthcare AI, have formed a partnership to advance clinical accuracy and operational efficiency through easier access to cutting-edge medical imaging AI technology.  
With more than 1700 radiologist members, Strategic Radiology is at the forefront of supporting private practice radiology groups nationwide through ongoing education programs, improved economics associated with greater scale and access to the latest technology innovations.   
“The partnership is an exciting opportunity for our members to get closer to innovative AI tools from for early identification of lung nodules, triage of emergency head CTs, and streamlined chest X-ray reporting,” states Scott Bundy, MD, CEO and Chair, Strategic Radiology. “Members of our coalition are working together to test, validate, and deploy AI tools to assist us in delivering clinical quality improvement and operational efficiencies for our radiology practices, hospital partners, and patients.” 
Samir Shah, Chief Medical Officer at states, “Workload issues for radiologists continue to rise with an aging US population and the ongoing need for imaging to detect disease and urgent conditions earlier to decrease morbidity. AI can significantly assist with the burden, to create clarity and augment clinical acumen and diagnostic confidence. We look forward to working with Strategic Radiology to deliver AI-powered medical imaging solutions to radiologists nationwide.”  
Recently, announced its 13th FDA (Food and Drug Administration) clearance for its AI-enabled solutions. qXR-LN, a plain film chest X-ray algorithm, is the only FDA-cleared solution for detecting and localizing lung nodules utilizing computer vision.

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