Published 29 Nov 2023

Qure to Boost Global Healthcare with Advanced AI Integration



Qure, a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, announces its collaboration with GE HealthCare. This collaboration will amplify global healthcare capabilities and deliver advanced diagnostic solutions globally. 
This collaboration aims to bringing the power of AI-driven healthcare to medical professionals and patients alike. Qure's AI solution, known for its seamless integration and improving diagnostic capabilities of radiology departments, will comprehensively cater to a range of care areas including stroke, lung cancer, early indications of heart failure, and intensive care and emergency care cases. 
Qure's AI, seamlessly integrated into the GE HealthCare’s App Orchestrator platform, promises streamlined workflows and optimized resource utilization. The potential for increased efficiency will undoubtedly contribute to more effective healthcare delivery. The platform will enable healthcare providers to access Qure’s flagship products; qXR – AI enabled chest X-ray solution and qER – AI enabled head CT solution for use cases like ICU settings, and preliminary reporting of normal-abnormal reports with increased speed and accuracy.  
"With the inclusion of Qure's AI in GE HealthCare’s App Orchestrator, we are not just integrating technology; we are catalysing a revolution in healthcare," said Divya Gupta, Chief Growth Officer, "This partnership signifies our commitment to improving patient care and outcomes on a global scale. The comprehensive coverage globally positions us as a key player in the advancement of healthcare technology." has a presence in over 90+ countries and touches 12 million lives annually with its CE MDR Class IIb cleared AI solutions. The AI solutions are also FDA cleared* and deployed in over 1800 healthcare centres across the world.

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