Published 08 May 2020

Radiologist reveals how AI is helping Royal Bolton Hospital to fight coronavirus



Royal Bolton Hospital in the UK is harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) in a groundbreaking approach to monitor and diagnose COVID-19 infections, using chest X-rays to track the progression of the disease. The hospital, the first in the UK to adopt this method, is employing's advanced diagnostic software.
According to Dr. Rizwan Malik, this technology expedites physicians' decision-making processes regarding treatment, providing objective, real-time data on lung damage and other health parameters. This additional layer of information can help indicate a patient's COVID-19 risk level based on the extent of lung damage.
The AI-assisted process bolsters the physician's diagnostic capability, providing immediate insights but does not substitute their medical expertise. It supports a more thorough diagnosis than a blood test or swab could reveal about lung health.
AI's application isn't limited to COVID-19 alone. It's also been successfully used to detect tuberculosis, cancer, and pneumonia and can be repurposed post-pandemic. Dr. Malik expressed optimism regarding this integration of AI into their team, emphasizing its ability to provide the proper care amid the ongoing global health crisis.

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