Published 21 Jun 2020

Start-up community helps in COVID-19 testing; supplies over 3.5 million kits



In India's ongoing fight against COVID-19, the Action Covid-19 Team (ACT) Grants has delivered over 3.5 million testing kits across eight states.
Established by venture capital partners and the start-up community with a fund of Rs 100 crore, the grant has a footprint in 22 Indian states, partnering with companies such as 1MG, Housejoy, and Healthians.
These firms have collected over 50,000 samples, innovating with the home collection, mobile clinics, and protective booths. also lent support, performing chest scans for over 6,000 patients to aid in COVID-19 detection and treatment.
ACT Grants, a coalition of top venture capitalists, founders, and industry veterans, provides significant funding to tech-driven initiatives to combat COVID-19.
Their goal is to seed and empower teams that create a large-scale impact on the virus's detection, prevention, and eradication, offering financial support, guidance, mentorship, and resources.

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