Published 05 May 2020

The groundbreaking way to search lungs for signs of Covid-19



As the world grapples with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are being rapidly adopted and tested worldwide. The AI algorithm, developed by Axial AI, has been instrumental in analyzing CT scans, helping physicians in Wuhan, China, ascertain the severity of viral pneumonia in patients. Currently being trialed in a Malaysian hospital, the tool has offered significant potential for tracking patients' progress.
Meanwhile, in the UK, NHS hospitals are starting to roll out AI for quicker interpretation of chest X-rays. At the Royal Bolton Hospital, an AI system trained on more than 2.5 million X-rays has been employed, assisting clinicians in making critical decisions about patient care. The system, developed by, is entirely housed within the hospital's network, ensuring data privacy.
As these tools emerge, calls for thorough assessment via randomized trials are increasing. While AI has the potential to expedite analysis and treatment plans, experts stress the importance of verifying the reliability and effectiveness of these technologies, as patient lives are at stake.

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