Published 20 Nov 2021

These Algorithms Could Bring an End to the World’s Deadliest Killer (NYTimes Report)



Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the diagnosis of infectious diseases like tuberculosis (TB) in remote and underserved parts of the world.'s AI-powered tool, qXR, can scan X-rays for signs of TB, COVID-19, and 27 other conditions within a minute. The instrument provides a promising solution to tackle the TB epidemic that claimed nearly 1.4 million lives last year.
Experts agree that integrating AI and clinical expertise can enhance healthcare, with the combined approach outperforming either method individually. The qXR tool, in particular, is an invaluable resource for areas like India, where approximately a quarter of the world's TB cases occur. With limited healthcare facilities, qXR offers an urgently needed solution to identify the disease in remote locations.
In hospitals like the Chinchpada Christian Hospital in Nandurbar and Simdega's medical center, serving predominantly tribal populations with scarce medical equipment, qXR has become a crucial diagnostic aid. The tool's effectiveness is underscored by a 95% accuracy rate reported by
AI-assisted tools like qXR hold significant potential in transforming healthcare, particularly in impoverished areas with a scarcity of medical professionals and rampant infectious diseases. As these tools improve and learn with each use, experts are hopeful they could significantly impact the control of diseases like TB.

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