Published 30 May 2020

This Indian Start-Up Is Using AI To Monitor COVID-19 Progression Inside Patients



To counter the chronic shortage of radiologists in populous countries like India,, a start-up founded in 2016 by Prashant Warier and Dr. Pooja Rao, is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret radiology scans accurately. Utilizing a database of over seven million scans, their AI can evaluate images within seconds.
The company recently modified its algorithms to detect 19 chest markers, including the novel Coronavirus progression within a patient. This solution, called qXR, analyzes a chest X-ray in a minute, helping healthcare providers in areas like India prioritize patients who need immediate attention, relieving pressure on healthcare infrastructures and costs.
The software quantifies lung damage to generate a COVID-19 score indicating whether a patient is high-, medium-, or low-risk for COVID-19. Presently deployed in seven countries, qXR can determine who needs a swab test and could aid in developing therapeutic approaches to fight the disease. also offers qScout, a chatbot that remotely monitors patients' symptoms and suggests future actions. From 8-10 sites a year ago, the company operates in over 70 locations across more than 25 countries.

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