Published 24 Apr 2020

Ventures versus the virus 7 Indian startups fighting the pandemic



Indian startups exhibit resilience and adaptability amidst the widening coronavirus crisis, characterized as a black swan event with severe global repercussions. Gurugram's AI-focused startup has repurposed its technology for prison monitoring, enabling it to recognize coughing patients on mobile phones, providing a unique solution for hospitals short on staff.
Similarly, Asimov Robotics from Kerala has reoriented its services to assist in healthcare. Its creation, the Karmi-bot, delivers meals and medication to patients, minimizing human contact and potential virus transmission. The robot, programmed to follow a sequence of beds, provides services while ensuring patient interaction through a screen interface.
A Mumbai-based sanitary product manufacturer, identifying the shared raw materials between their products and surgical masks, shifted their production to aid in mask shortages., an AI and machine learning-based startup, utilized its pre-existing X-ray analysis software to aid in preliminary COVID-19 testing. The system is being proposed for use in mobile vans for door-to-door testing.
Despite the pandemic's challenges, Indian startups are navigating the crisis with innovative solutions and strategies.

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