Published 31 Jul 2020

FDA Cleared Artificial Intelligence for Immediate Results of Head CT Scans



Qure.AI, led by Co-Founder and Head of Research and Development Dr. Pooja Rao, has developed AI-based software revolutionizing radiology analysis.
Their innovations expedite the diagnosis and treatment process in neuroimaging cases, notably aiding in the timely treatment of ischemic stroke patients.
Additionally, Qure.AI is refining an AI-based lung analysis software to identify various markers. Under FDA review, the software is currently used in developing countries for mobile lung screening programs in remote regions.
The firm has designed a self-contained unit that operates independently of a PACS system or internet connection, facilitating immediate image feedback and simplifying patient follow-up in low-income areas lacking robust communication infrastructure.
Rao emphasized that AI has significant potential for impact in developing nations with limited healthcare resources.
Qure.AI's qER tool notably detects and prioritizes scans revealing intracranial bleeds, cranial fractures, mass effects, and midline shifts.
However, image markings, bleed subtypes, and labels are unavailable in the U.S.

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