Published 10 Apr 2020

With technology, information, and staff, PATH fights COVID-19 in India



Amid India's surge in COVID-19 cases, PATH, an international health organization, is joining forces with, a Mumbai-based AI tech company, to bolster the country's response to the pandemic. PATH's mission supports health equity in low-resource communities and emerging markets globally and supports India during this crisis. has pivoted its existing technologies to tackle the pandemic, developing two essential tools: qXR and qSCOUT. The qXR platform, initially designed to detect tuberculosis, can interpret chest X-rays in about a minute, identifying lung characteristics indicative of COVID-19. qXR has already been deployed in Italy, the Philippines, and Southeast Asia.
Complementing qXR is qSCOUT, a contact tracing app retooled for COVID-19 that aids in patient registration, remote monitoring, and hotspot mapping to optimize supply chain and test kit distribution.
PATH's contribution includes:
  • Providing technical support to government entities.
  • Filling vital personnel gaps.
  • Helping to establish a virtual call center to trace at-risk travelers.
Simultaneously, PATH is aiding in managing travel and case tracking information and strengthening laboratory systems. Through a collaborative approach, PATH and reinforce India's health system in its battle against COVID-19.

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