Published 16 Feb 2024

The Power of AI Partnerships

Author: Georgina Wright



Partnerships stand out as a driving force in the activation and deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for next-generation radiology. The essence of forging close working relationships across industry, academia and hospitals lies in the shared vision of achieving more together, to deliver a truly integrated and efficient future.
Leveraging tech partnerships for advanced health AI integration  
The most critical level of partnership to deploy AI is technology collaborations. These alliances are instrumental in leveraging diverse expertise, fostering innovation, and ensuring that AI technologies are accessible, scalable, and tailored to meet the nuanced demands of radiology workforces. 
At the very first level, seamless integration with modality equipment such as CT or X-ray and associated applications from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) is a must. This marriage between image capturing hardware and innovative AI software is the cornerstone of propelling diagnostic detection. 
Then comes integration with other systems in the medical imaging ecosystem. This includes Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) to create workflow and elevate patient care across clinical specialties and wider Hospital Information Systems (HIS), Electronic Medical Records and Radiology Information Systems (RIS).  
Furthermore, flexible on-premises and in-cloud deployment options of AI deployment tailor to the diverse infrastructure requirements at hospitals. This ensures enhanced accessibility and scalability for AI activation planning.  
Digital agility in radiology is a collaborative process 
As a vendor-agnostic AI solution with over 30 global partnerships with platform, OEM and wider third-party tech infrastructure providers, Qure's AI will dovetail neatly into other systems. This is also tested vigorously at integration stages to enhance, not impact, other IT infrastructure. 
Recent integration in action examples include University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. This UK project is using’s flagship qXR AI integrating into the Trust's Radiology Information System (RIS). Close partnership working with the RIS provider has created a seamless AI install for Leicester’s radiologists, powering productivity and enabling smooth switching between Chest X-ray and CT reporting workflows. 
To support AI deployment momentum across the UK and Europe, a host of other technical collaborations are growing in number. This includes inclusion in innovative AI orchestrator platforms and radiology operating systems to streamline diagnostic processes; collaborations with clinical decision support players to optimise and co-develop solutions that guide clinical referrers to order the most appropriate diagnostic test; distributors of complementary AI solutions; and so on. 
Automating healthcare processes to re-humanise patient care 
As AI continues its coming of age in radiology around the world, the emphasis on strategic partnerships will drive activation. By creating an army of AI advocates and activators, technology, expertise, and vision will converge. This unleashes the full power of radiology AI into the clinical environment and onwards, delivering better, quicker patient care.  

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